Great Shift of Awakening

Healing Touch and Traditional Usui Reiki

As practitioners we are trained in the skills of using Source energy to treat the human energy system. Energy therapy treatments help restore and improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

Perfect Balance

Spiral Goddess

Energy Therapy Healing
Energy Medicine ~ Medical Intuitive

Healing Touch Certified
Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Direct Channel Medium

Sedona, Arizona 928~204~2686

Energy Therapy Healing
with Channeled Health Information

Do you want to feel better?

With her extensive training in Healing Touch and Traditional Usui Reiki Tarri works with your body’s energetic system. She will remove all energy blockages and re-energize and connect the entire chakra system to a high healing vibration.

During her 18 years in practice, Spirit began working with Tarri to assist in healing her clients.

Fifteen years ago St. Germain and other Ascended Masters from “The Council of Light,” a group of Healers and Light Workers, joined her team. This team in Spirit assists during healing sessions with her clients. Her development and training while working with Spirit serves you better. Her Merkaba energy field will take you to place of deeper relaxation and healing.

An extraordinary healing opportunity!

First session - 2 hours minimum — $95

Follow-up sessions include a full body treatment and additional healing with her Spirit team from Home (Heaven).

Next Sessions - 1 1/2 hours — $80

Private Trance Medium Reading

Let Tarri serve as your guide with St. Germain and Other Ascended Masters from “The Council of Light,” a group of Healers and Light Workers. Your private reading begins with general information they wish you to know at this time. It may relate to some aspect of your life that you may wish to work on or to promote healing and wholeness. They will conclude by answering up to10 of your questions

It's like having a conversation with Spirit!

One hour reading — $65


Tarri's Story

After 22 years of working in health care, plus a major car accident and personal health problems, I became pro-active in my own health, seeking out alternative natural methods of healing. This journey began in the 1970s; today I am healthier than I was 20 years ago. I trained in Healing Touch at the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing and in Traditional Usui Reiki with Steven McFadden, a practicing Master of 35 years, in Santa Fe, NM. I continue to work in these modalities and am guided by Spirit.

We are all Quantum Physics energy, as is Source (God) and everything around us. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our body, mind and spirit are made up of 3,400 chakras with 7 majors and 21 minors, plus one chakra in every organ and joint. Your energy system is your gateway to whole health healing. Begin today!

Now it is my bliss to help others on their journey.

Distant Healing Sessions

Tarri was trained in two different methods for this work. Then Spirit came in and showed her a better way. Now she brings in the 7 layers of your energy fields to her treatment room to do a full health assessment of your energy fields and chakra system. The treatment then proceeds as if you are actually on her treatment table. Tarri’s spiritual healing team works with her in her treatment room and with you at your physical location. After the session you will receive the assessment findings, results and any channeled medical intuitive information they have for you.

Experience it and feel the result!

1 1/2 hour session — $80

Energy Therapy Training in Healing Touch
and Traditional Usui Reiki

A gift you give yourself and others!

Level I: Includes the anatomy of the energy system, clinical techniques of Healing Touch used to remove blockages, healing of organs and joints. Connecting and raising the body’s energy frequencies to promote healing. Receive the 4 Traditional Reiki Attunements to increase your hands’ output of Source energy to your clients.

2 1/2 days — $249

Level II: Includes advanced techniques in Healing Touch with the use of crystal healing and distant healing. With 4 Level II Traditional Reiki Attunements.

2 days — $249

Level III:: Reiki Master/Teacher Includes review of Level I and Level II and how to apply it to teaching others. You will teach Level I to a student. Receive 3 Traditional Reiki Master Attunements.

With each level of training you will learn more, and with each level of attunements the Source energy coming out of your hands increases, giving you and your clients greater benefits.

3 days — $700

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Kris Rued-Clark

Healing Touch and Traditional Usui Reiki


Healing Touch
A clinical approach to Energy Therapy

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Healing Touch Energy Therapy, accepted by the AMA, is the missing link to Traditional Usui Reiki. Traditional Usui Reiki is the key to proper attunements that open the channels for Source energy to flow freely through the practitioner’s hands.

We are quantum energy, as is the Source energy we transmit to you for healing and well-being.

A well-trained energy therapist does a full assessment of your energy fields and of your chakra system, removing energy blockages and re-energizing the chakras. During the treatment, you will experience total relaxation.

It is like having an inner body massage. Mind Clearing techniques will bring you more peace and clarity. Your treatment will include additional techniques such as the Lymphatic Cleansing & the Immune System Strengthen & Connect.

23 Park Ridge Drive
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone 715-305-9298

Ask about classes & workshops in a variety of topics!

Perfect Balance Energy Therapy

Healing Touch & Traditional Usui Reiki with Kris Rued-Clark — a hands-on technique designed to heal body, mind, and spirit through the body’s energy system.

Full Body Treatments

First session 1 1/2 - 2 hours — $75
Follow-up sessions 1 hour — $60

Distant Healing Session

During a distant healing session you will schedule an appointment to lie down comfortably at your home. I will bring your energy fields to the treatment room to do a full chakra energy system assessment and treatment while my spiritual team is directly present with you.

1 1/2 - 2 hours session — $65

AromaTouch Technique

A step by step method of applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help stimulate and balance sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems of the body.

Using doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and blends, the AromaTouch Technique is carefully formulated to support mind, body, and spirit for well-being.

40 minutes — $45