Great Shift of Awakening

Rise up to a higher consciousness for the whole of humanity. Awaken, evolve, and expand to become your divine feminine and your divine masculine. Create a better life, a better world.

Monthly messages on the Home page are channeled by Ascended Masters. Our weekly blogs focus on different aspects of their messages to help in the shift of awareness to a higher consciousness.

Our Weekly Blog

How Does Awakening Create Change

Tarri Otterlee

Our intention for this website is to give you a different perspective to think about and consider for improving your life and that of others. Our blogs take a deeper look at the channeled messages on the Home Page, so we hope you take time to read each month’s message from Spirit on the Home Page and also that you reread it to glean more from it.

As we mentioned, everything on earth is made up of matter and energy. That includes you, your body and your mind. Quantum/Source energy is measured in low to high frequencies. These frequencies create negative or positive results for yourself and others. Our bodies and our physical health are greatly affected by low frequencies and negativity caused by stress, fear, worry, anger and hate. When we constantly dwell in these lower frequency emotions and mental states, it takes a toll on our health and well being.

This phase of the Shift of Awakening is truth and honesty. Refer back to the archived article for a detailed explanation of the Phases of the Shift. There is a spiritual side to this no matter what your religion is. We all have a soul. You can’t see it, and it won’t show up on an x-ray, but all of us have experienced feeling it through love and compassion. Your soul is the energy source that connects you back to Source from where you came, your eternal life self. It does not matter your color or your gender, your soul speaks through your heart. At Home (Heaven) there is no inequality.

Humans on earth are living in a 3D (third-dimensional) consciousness of living and belief systems, and it is not working for humanity or the earth for that matter. Today you can see the things that are not working everywhere, and this is waking people up. Now people all over the earth are standing up and speaking up. That is the positive side of the Shift in Consciousness. Right here and now we are seeing and hearing all the negativity from the lower frequencies of humanity. It cannot be hidden from the public anymore.

What type of world do you want your children to grow up in and inherit? This world as it is now? Or would you like to be a part of creating a world for everyone, a kinder, more compassionate world that is all-inclusive with more positive than negative? The higher-frequency energies of the higher consciousness of humanity are changing our world from third-dimensional to fifth-dimensional consciousness. This higher consciousness is all-inclusive, so we will not be limiting it to a religious belief system and calling it Christian, Islam, Buddhism, etc. It includes each and every one of us.

For thousands of years we have been living in what is defined as a patriarchal culture, the idea that it’s a man’s world. Through European Colonialism and missionaries the white man began to infiltrate other people’s lands and take what they wanted, usually through force. The missionaries tried to teach the indigenous peoples to live in the conquerors’ religious belief system and to behave and dress as they did. In a patriarchal society women are considered as less in value than men. In some countries today women are still considered to be the property of their fathers and then the property of their husbands with their lives ruled and controlled by men. Gender inequality in any form does not create loving relationships between men and women or a healthy environment in which to raise children.

Everything is energy, producing negative and positive outcomes in your lives and the lives of others. As men and women wake up during this Shift to a higher consciousness, learning to speak the truth and be honest with themselves and with others, it can get messy. But it is also empowering and healing, both for you personally and for society. Will we stand up and say “no more” or will we remain silent?

In today’s America we are seeing this happen almost every day now. The truth is coming out. We are seeing all the dishonesty, corruption, political and religious divides, white supremacy, gun violence and never-ending wars. For hundreds of years women have been sexually harassed, assaulted and raped, then forced into silence and shamed - like it is their fault when it is the man’s. Women are standing up, saying “no more” and speaking out. This is positive energy to change the culture of toxic masculinity, and a step for equality and respect. It is the Divine Feminine in action.

America is number one in gun violence. We have had mass shootings in schools, churches, and night clubs, and then there was the shooting in Las Vegas. Interesting, when a white man does the shootings, the white males say the shooter was mentally ill, but if the shooter has a Middle Eastern name, they say he is a terrorist. In fact, they are all terrorists and are all mentally ill, created from beliefs that create hatred and the desire to kill others. This is all a part of the third-dimensional consciousness, the negative energies created by belief systems within a group and the general consciousness of men and women. To create a better world and a better America, we who are awakening must say no more!