Great Shift of Awakening

Trance channeled messages from our Ascended Masters presented through medium Tarri Otterlee.
Speakers include St. Germain, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Cleopatra and others. Channeled messages and inspirational music will focus on The Great Shift of Awakening to help humanity evolve.

Meet Our Ascended Masters

St. Germain

This will be brief. I kept my private life private and did not write my biography or allow others to write about me. I was born into a wealthy family in Transylvania and educated in France and England. As a boy and young man I spent part of my summers with my uncle, the Count of St. Germain, just outside of Paris. After he passed I inherited his title and lands, to where I then moved. I was an alchemist, a spiritual teacher and a psychic, which developed into channeling for small groups. I was married three times, learning to give and receive love in my last marriage. My wealth allowed me to travel extensively to see the world and teach wherever I was at the time. It is true in a past life I was Merlin, also with the same attributes and spiritual gifts as St. Germain, but as Merlin I grew up in a poor family. An older gentleman took me in and educated me while training me as a wizard.

Albert Einstein

Needs no introduction. We all know him as the man of quantum physics. He introduced the concept that everything is energy. He brought to the world and to the science community a whole new way of looking at our world. Albert deeply regretted being a part of building the atomic bomb. In 2017 National Geographic did a movie special on him called Genius, produced by Ron Howard. The movie is highly recommended to learn more about his personal and professional life.

Inspirational Video

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