Great Shift of Awakening

Rise up to a higher consciousness for the whole of humanity. Awaken, evolve, and expand to become your divine feminine and your divine masculine. Create a better life, a better world.

— Centered in Sedona —

What Would Your World Look Like?

St. Germain

If there was more love, compassion, respect? If there was more open communication and listening without anger? If there was more desire to find solutions and less desire for power and profits? If there was less desire to control other people and resources?

During “this time of the Shift” you are seeing and perhaps feeling and experiencing this conflict. You might say that some men and women of this world have come to a conscious awakening while others remain in the old beliefs of patriarchy. Patriarchy has been the dominant code of societies for thousands of years. Simply said, it is men ruling and creating a world to benefit men only. Patriarchy no longer works. It is no longer acceptable to the new consciousness of women and men. Its time has ended.

We want to help you all understand that the beliefs passed down from one generation to the next have created who you think you are. Please join us in the Evolution of Man and Woman. It is in your best interest for the world you all live in. Thank you.

In A Nut Shell

Tarri Otterlee

The Shift of Awakening is

  • The next stage of human evolution

  • Higher consciousness to the heart-centered mind

  • Humanity's inclusiveness. Practicing “we are all one”

  • Creating more love, respect for ourselves and others

  • A greater understanding that our consciousness and belief systems create who we are, our relationships and how we see the world

  • Ending patriarchy, creating gender equality and inclusion

What is its purpose for the people of the world?

  • Keeping all the good ideas, beliefs and innovations that humanity has created

  • Working on saving the Earth’s environments for clean water, clean air and healthy soil to grow food

  • Preventing extinction of animals, fish and the human race

  • Ending wars and weapons of mass destruction

  • Ending gun violence and terrorism

  • Ending violence against women and children, including human trafficking, sex trafficking, sexual assault, and rape

  • People working together in government, corporations, nonprofits, groups and religions to find compromise and create solutions

This human evolution is of the brain from the lower 3rd dimensional consciousness to the higher energy frequencies of the heart and the right brain to the 5th dimensional consciousness. We have always had men and women throughout human history living and working from a higher consciousness. Prophets, teachers and activists have been and are working to change the world’s societies to a higher consciousness. Today right now more people are awakening to these higher energy frequencies and to their higher consciousness. Thank God.