Great Shift of Awakening

Rise up to a higher consciousness for the whole of humanity. Awaken, evolve, and expand to become your divine feminine and your divine masculine. Create a better life, a better world.

— Centered in Sedona —

St. Germain’s New Year’s Message

New Beginnings

From St. Germain with Tarri Otterlee

Let me begin with “this is the first day of the rest of your life.” This is true every day of your life. For so many this year it is New Beginnings — life changes and consciousness rising, with old patriarchal belief systems changing to create a new life, a new world, based on the concept of working together for the greater good.

The energies of the earth will continue to rise. This higher frequency will be transmitted to you and all living animals, trees and plants here on earth. A year of New Beginnings in 2019 means shedding the old belief systems and embracing truth and honesty with yourselves and others. For some this will not be easy. For others it will be emotional healing of the heart and soul, moving into the light with a new perspective and a new life with abundance and inner peace. For those that resist this phase of the Great Shift of Awakening and remain in the old paradigm of the past, they will become more frustrated and, yes, angrier. This will not serve them well.

What is this Shift all about? It is about saving your earth’s environment to continue and improve life on earth. It is about humanity, about all societies and cultures coming together to create a world that works for all people and the common good. It is about raising group and the general consciousness out of this 3rd dimensional world of domination of others, and moving beyond the hate and disrespect that creates separation, violence and wars. It is about creating a much kinder, more caring world for all people, animals and the earth itself. This Shift of Awakening begins with you, one person at a time, and each of you will make a difference. It is the next step in the evolution of humanity.

All souls living a physical life want to express and receive love. You want your families to be safe from violence. You want financial and emotional security for yourself and loved ones. You want an opportunity for education and to express who you are as an individual through your work, your creativity and your relationships.

But this has been a great struggle for your world for centuries due to the old paradigm of the patriarchal beliefs of what masculinity is, which created male dominated societies to benefit men. This worked for men in the past but it no longer works. This Shift of New Beginnings will bring men a new awakening to understand and express themselves with greater understanding of life, empathy and compassion for others. This awakening will create the Divine Masculine man. It is time to put aside what they thought a man should be with gender role separation, strength through expression of anger, and advancing through dominance and power at the expense of others. We are happy to announce there are more and more men evolving to a higher consciousness now. There have always been evolved men in every generation but never enough to tip the scales into creating the Shift of Awakening. It has now begun.

Women are awakening to their inner power, their Divine Feminine. They are standing up and speaking out for change for themselves and their children. This all must be done. To all you women around the world, we from Spirit honor and respect you and your activism to change the old beliefs that you are of less value than men. Your day of oppression will end sooner as you stand up for yourselves and for women around the world.

Do you believe you have a soul? Know that you do have one, and it joined you in this physical life. You are here to experience love in the physical world and all that this world has to offer — its beauty and its life-supporting environment. Know this: your soul did not come into the physical world to be a murderer, a rapist or continually be at war for power and profit. All of these negative attributes of humanity have been created and manifested by your 3rd dimensional consciousness, which is ingrained in your societies. God does not create wars or condone them. Man has used that as an excuse to propagate wars. God did not create women to be subservient or oppressed by men. God did not create people of many different colors and cultures in order to promote separation and racism but rather to give the world all the diversity you love through music, food, and so much more. You are all equal and of value to God and all of us here at Home (heaven).

To create New Beginnings you must first recognize what needs to be changed in your life and in this present state of your world. Change is not easy but can be OH so rewarding to you. For an example, if you are a woman who has been raped, and many of you have been, change your mindset from being a victim to a survivor. Know that being sexually assaulted is never your fault but man’s and his personal beliefs about male dominance and his right to behave like this. So many people have emotional wounds from these created false patriarchal beliefs. Yes, it has hurt and constricted men as much as women. But most men do not see this yet. They do not realize how much more love and life have to offer them.

Remember, “everything is energy” both positive and negative. It is time to bring in the new positive energies into your life. We all from Spirit are here assisting each of you in the Great Shift of Awakening, but you must ask for our help from your heart, not your mind. Now, make your personal list of what you want to change in your life. What can you do for yourself to make these changes happen to create your new beginnings? What do you need to release and let go of, including people, places, jobs and things? What is working for you? What is it you would like to expand on to create your “new life,” your “new reality?”

All of us from Spirit wish all of you in the physical world a year of New Beginnings with greater abundance, inner peace and your dreams of who you really are fulfilled.

With Love and Great Respect,

St. Germain

My personal gratitude to Tarri for allowing me to speak through her to you.