Great Shift of Awakening

Rise up to a higher consciousness for the whole of humanity. Awaken, evolve, and expand to become your divine feminine and your divine masculine. Create a better life, a better world.

— Centered in Sedona —

This Month's Message

Everything Is Energy

From Albert Einstein and St. Germain with Tarri Otterlee

Did you know that everything is energy? We are not talking about electricity here; we are talking about Quantum/Source energy. It is everywhere from the smallest crystal to hurricane size storms. From trees and plants to animals and people, everything here on earth is made up of matter and energy.

Albert Einstein, through his theory of relativity and space and time, was the first physicist to go beyond Newton’s theory to prove to the world that everything is quantum energy. Now it is time for each of us to recognize that we, too, are made up of not just matter but also Quantum/Source energy. This energy goes by many names. It is called Chi, Reiki, and Source, to name a few, but it is all the same quantum energy that is everywhere throughout the Cosmos and in the Earth. It is everywhere.

So why is this important to you now, at this time of the Great Shift of Awakening? This is humanity’s greatest opportunity for evolution to a higher consciousness for yourself, your life, and all life on earth. Electricity is measured in watts and voltages. Quantum/Source energy is measured in low to high frequencies and negative to positive input and output. This energy creates your reality and the general consciousness of the world through negative or positive thoughts and belief systems.

Your body’s energy system consists of chakras and meridians (energy tracks). There are 7 major chakras from the crown to the root chakra, 21 minor chakras down your spine; then you have a chakra in each organ and joint in your body. Recognizing and working with your energy system will create a healthier you. In the earth, we call them vortexes and Ley lines. In reality, it is all part of one Quantum/Source energy system.

The thoughts that we create with our mind’s view of ourselves, of others and the world creates our reality with positive or negative outcomes in our lives and, yes, others. But it goes much deeper than that. It’s not just you. It is also the negative belief systems that have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years, stunting our personal growth, happiness, and evolution to a higher consciousness. We will be explaining this in depth to help give greater understanding, to help heal your emotional wounds so that you can release them and let them go. Thinking outside of the boxes your mind has created will help you heal and reach your new potential as a fully conscious human being, making heart-centered choices and through your soul’s inner knowing. This is using your intuition to improve your life.

The first stage of this Great Shift began in 2004 with clearing out the negative energies and raising the earth’s frequencies. It was a slow process and still continues. Perhaps you have noticed it in yourselves and others, as old emotional wounds come back to the surface of your mind to be recognized and to be healed. Or, relationships with your partner collapse when one person wants a more equal and respectful relationship, and the other person wants to keep it as is with “no compromise.”   This is necessary: letting go of people, things, and places that no longer serve your highest good.

Have you noticed all the anger that has come up in people? This, in fact, is a form of negative energies and people functioning in a much lower frequency than the earth’s energy. This new, higher frequency of the earth is being transmitted to all living things to help raise consciousness and inspire inner emotional healing for change and personal growth.

This Great Shift of Awakening is now into the phase of Truth and Honesty. Be truthful with others and be honest with yourself, which is probably the hardest to do. People, men mostly, stuff down their emotions and don’t want to talk about them. They have the false belief that real men don’t show emotions or cry. The ego tries to keep you believing in your false reality, making it more difficult to heal your wounds and old beliefs and judgments about yourself and others. Then there are people who live in la la land with rose-colored glasses, who can’t see life beyond themselves and don’t actively do anything to help themselves or other people. They’re like ostriches with their heads in the sand.

The truth is this: if humanity does not change and evolve to the 5th Dimensional Consciousness, we will continue with all the hatred, inequality, greed, and wars. This earth is a 3rd Dimensional Consciousness planet, and God/Spirit wants this earth to evolve to the 5th Dimensional Consciousness. In a nutshell, our planet, through human abuse, has become toxic with air, water and soil pollution. There is no denying our environmental destruction, global warming, and major climate change. If we do not evolve to a higher consciousness, humans will be put on the endangered species list. So we ask each of you to evolve and wake up to a new world through your hearts and a higher consciousness. Thank you.

In the coming weeks, we will be going into many subjects to help you understand and assist you in your personal growth to your awakening. Suggested reading: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks.