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Why I Became an Energy Therapist

By Tarri Otterlee

This is a personal story of my discovery of Healing Touch and how it helped me and helped save my mother’s life.

My first experience with it was at Health Concepts, a wellness center in Waupaca, Wisconsin, where I got my massages. They offered Healing Touch, and over the months I got more and more curious, wondering what it was. I scheduled an appointment to find out through experiencing it.

After my first treatment I said it was like getting an inner massage. It felt that good. At the time, I had a job that required long hours with travel. I liked my job but it was also stressful, like so many things in life. After my first treatment I noticed my stress was gone and my energy was up. That felt really wonderful. I decided to continue with Healing Touch monthly treatments. The only health issue I had at the time was a bad left knee from a skiing accident. Over time the energy work helped heal my knee.

Over the years, as I learned more about Healing Touch and our body’s energy system, it fascinated me. Until then I didn’t even know our bodies had an energy system, much less how it can and does assist in healing and in keeping us healthier.

What convinced me that I wanted to become a Healing Touch energy therapist was how it saved my mother’s life after surgery and then extended her life and dramatically enhanced the quality of her life. I would like to share her story with you.

My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, discovered when she had a bowel blockage. She had colon surgery and received a colostomy. After this surgery she went through chemo and radiation for several months. The side effects made her sick and very weak. At one point her immune system was so weak it almost killed her. It took her a year to recover, get her strength back and feel better.

Eighteen months after her first surgery, she had another bowel blockage. The cancer was back. This time the surgeon told her she had a 10% chance of surviving the surgery. Without it she would die from the bowel blockage. Mom chose surgery. She survived it. After her surgery, the surgeon told me that Mom only had 24 hours to live. I called my Healing Touch therapist, explained my mother’s situation, and asked if she could help her. She said, “Yes, we can and we will do our best to help her.”

Mom was in ICU and the energy treatments began that day and continued daily. The next day the surgeon gave her 3 days to live, then he told me 3 weeks to live. Mom’s vital signs continued to improve. The surgeon knew we were doing Healing Touch every day at that point. The doctor now wanted to know more about Healing Touch. When Mom was moved from ICU to a room, we continued with her Healing Touch treatments twice a week. Oncology wanted to begin chemo and radiation. Mom said no. Within 2 weeks we transferred her to a rehab center. She was doing much better and wanted to return home.

At that point we talked about hospice. She agreed, and I got it arranged and became her 24/7 caregiver. Hospice was wonderful. My mother and I were very grateful for all their help and support. Mom continued with weekly Healing Touch treatments, the cost was now covered by Hospice. Mom’s appetite came back and she was feeling much better. She even began to play bridge again with her friends.

To get on Hospice you need a doctor’s order saying the patient is terminal and expected to live 6 months or less. As Mom lived longer than 6 months, Hospice had to sign her up again. The Hospice director was also an R.N. and a Healing Touch therapist, so she understood the benefits of energy therapy. The only time Mom needed pain medications was 24 hours before she crossed over. We attribute this to her weekly Healing Touch treatments.

A few months after she crossed over, I began my Healing Touch Training in 2000. Now as an energy therapist I am able to help and assist many people on their journeys to better health and recovery. To learn more, go to our Holistic Healers page and meet your therapists Tarri and Kris. We are here to serve. Thank you.