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Explaining Energy Therapy and the Body’s Energy System

By Tarri Otterlee

Energy therapy goes by many names. Some of these are Hands-on Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Acupuncture, Traditional Usui Reiki and all the other personal Reiki titles added to it. Practitioners call themselves therapists, healers, shamans, even reverends.

With all the different modalities to choose from, whether you are a prospective client or a potential student, it is confusing. Most people aren’t taught anything about their body’s energy system, how it works or how it can help you heal and keep you in better whole health. To make it more confusing and keeping it out of mainstream health care, most American doctors are not taught about the anatomy of the energy system. So they see it as conflicting with their Western medicine practices. And yet research at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York in the 1970s with Healing Touch proved it does work and gives improved results for patients and reduced recovery time.

It’s true, you can’t see the energy flowing in and around your body. Then again, you can’t see the electrical energy that flows into your house and turns on the lights.

The body’s energy system does not have to be a mystery. Let me give you an overview of what it is and how it works holistically to help you heal and maintain better health throughout your body, mind and spirit. The body’s physical anatomy includes complex systems of organs, glands, bones, joints, arteries and veins, and a lymphatic system as large as your blood flow system. Most of us have not studied the Gray’s Anatomy book, but you get the picture. The energy system interfaces with the physical anatomy system.

We call the energy that animates the body its life force energy. What is this energy? This too has been given many names, but they all mean the same. They include Life Force Energy, Source Energy. Quantum Energy, Chi Energy, and Reiki, to name a few.

The anatomy of the energy system consists of the energy field, the chakra system, and the meridian system.

1. The Energy Field, also called the aura and etheric. This energy field surrounds the body completely from head to feet and on all sides. It has 7 distinct layers. A healthy, strong field goes out from your body 2 feet or more. It protects the body’s internal energy system, usually referred to as chakras, from pollutants and incoming negative energies from people, places and things. The stronger the energy field, the greater the protection.

This field does get dirty and needs to be energetically cleaned. It can also get what we call air leaks, a hole in the field allowing life force energy to leak from the body’s internal energy system. In Healing Touch we are taught to seal these leaks and clean the field before we work on the internal energy system to restore and strengthen the field.

2. The Chakra System, also called vortexes. The chakras spin to produce energy within every organ and joint throughout the body. It is the internal energy system. This energy in turn increases healing and health. Most people are familiar with the 7 major chakras. Much has been said about them and artwork has depicted them. They have been given names: 1. Root. 2. Sacral. 3. Solar Plexus. 4. Heart. 5. Throat. 6. Brow or Third Eye. 7. Crown. And there is a number 8. Trans-personal. These major chakras support the body’s energy field, keeping it strong and resilient for protection.

There are also 21 minor chakras that are located down the spine. These support the spine, back and also the energy field of the body’s back. The chakra energy system does not stop there. Every organ and joint has a chakra to produce life force energy throughout the body to support and keep them in better health. When the chakras stop working properly or stop entirely, health issues most likely will happen. The body has up to 3,400 energy producing chakras for healing and maintaining better health.

3. The Meridian System, also called Energy Tracks and Polarity. Simply put, this is how the energy from your chakra system travels throughout the body. Let’s use a leg as an example here. There is a foot, ankle, knee and hip chakra. If one of these chakras is not working or there is an energy blockage, there will not be the polarity energy flow needed for healing in the knee or another part of the leg. In Healing Touch we are trained to remove energy blockages and clean and reset chakras to get a strong polarity to improve the health of the internal energy system for the physical body’s health and well-being.

The energy field, chakras, the internal energy system and the meridian system all work together synergistically to support and heal the body, mind and spirit.

What are some of the things that keep chakras from working properly or stop them entirely? There are too many to list them all, but here are a few. Physical and emotional trauma, accidents, surgeries, colds, flu, a diseased organ, cancer and toxic stress to the mind and body. Healing Touch trains us to do a full assessment of the energy field and chakra system before the treatment begins. This tells us where we need to focus more work on our client. The assessment usually turns out to coincide with what the clients have told us, and usually we find something they forgot to tell us that needs more work to restore their field and internal energy system.

I hope this has given you a greater understanding of the body’s energy system that supports the physical body. Personally, I love doing this work and over 18 years of practice I continue to keep learning. After all, everything is energy. Please take time to read Albert Einstein’s article, “Everything is Energy” and Kris Rued-Clark’s article, “What is Energy Therapy?

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