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The Spiritual Unity of All Being

By: Arvel Bird Cottonwood, AZ

We come from a supreme reality or mind: the spiritual unity of all being.

Dr. Albert Einstein felt, after years of patient work, that he had found one law governing all physical phenomena. Is it any different to say that there is one law governing all physical phenomena, or to say as Ralph Waldo Emerson did that, “There is one mind common to all individual people?”

The Universe is a spiritual system. It is a manifestation of Divine Intelligence. Science tells us that we can think of the universe in the terms of an infinite thinker thinking mathematically, which means that faith acts as a law, and therefore prayer can be answered.

There is another remarkable thing that Dr. Einstein also said and that is: time, space and light curve back upon themselves. This means that everything moves in circles or cycles, just as the American Indian people said. It also explains what Jesus meant when he said, “Give and it shall be given unto you . . .”

I would like us to consider one more of Einstein’s propositions, in which he states that energy, which is invisible, and mass, which means physical form, are equal, identical and interchangeable. In other words, what we see comes out of what we cannot see.

The invisible becomes the visible through the law of mind. According to the law of mind, [as defined by What are the Natural Laws of the Mind] a single thought will not make nor break a life; but a habit of thought will. You cannot think defeat and be victorious. The subconscious mind responds only to mental images. It does not matter if the image is self-induced or from the external world. This is what is behind psychosomatic medicine. We see that thoughts are things that produce definite results. This is why it is so important to meditate, pray and affirm the presence of good in our lives everyday.

In the law of cause and effect, the cause is often hidden. What we experience outwardly is a result of silent but intelligent forces that operate on the invisible side of life. Our minds represent this invisible side of life. Just like Dr. Gustaf Stromberg said in his book, “The Soul of the Universe,” that there is an invisible pattern for everything in the visible world.

So, if there is one law governing all physical phenomena, then there must be one law of mind governing all mental action. And if time, space and light bend back upon themselves, then our thought will return to us. This is why Emerson said, “If you want a friend, be a friend.”

Science also teaches us this very important fact, that Nature wills no ill against anyone. The laws of the universe are for us, not against us. It is our use of them that produces pain instead of pleasure. When we learn to live in harmony with Nature these laws will become our servant instead of our master. This means that many of the laws we have been using destructively can as easily be used constructively.

That the universe is for us, not against us, is a crucial step to realize and will have a direct bearing upon our health, our happiness and our success. For we shall no longer feel that we are fighting a power opposed to good, but rather that we have been using a good power in a wrong way. And then we shall know that we have an ally with us, an unconquerable power of good and the irresistible power of love.