Great Shift of Awakening

Rise up to a higher consciousness for the whole of humanity. Awaken, evolve, and expand to become your divine feminine and your divine masculine. Create a better life, a better world.

Monthly messages on the Home page are channeled by Ascended Masters. Our weekly blogs focus on different aspects of their messages to help in the shift of awareness to a higher consciousness.

Our Weekly Blog

Stages of the Shift of Awakening Since 2004

Tarri Otterlee

These phases are all intertwined and synergistically working together for each of us to evolve. Remember, this Shift of Awakening happens one person at a time. It starts as an inside job, then ripples out into the world like a stone thrown into a pond.

Phase 1: Raising the planet’s earth energy to a higher frequency. The purpose of this is to cleanse the earth of thousands of years of buildup of negative, unhealthy energies. Allowing frequencies to go up in this way helps people to live in a higher, clearer energy frequency whether they are aware of it or not. It started with the tsunami in 2004 caused by an earthquake in the ocean. We have had many earthquakes since then around the world. These earthquakes shift the plates in the earth with a great force of energy dispersed in the earth, raising the earth energy levels. They also have created new vortexes and ley lines throughout the world. Everything is energy. That includes hurricanes, flooding and forest fires. These are a cleansing for Mother Earth and are also more severe due to climate change. There are also lessons for all of us to learn from these disasters. Do our government officials and we as people reach out to help and assist the survivors in their great time of need? Our government didn’t so well in New Orleans after Katrina, and they are not doing a good job for Puerto Rico now. But there are so many good people and organizations that do and are reaching out to help in any way they can. So all is not lost when people reach out to each other in their time of need. This is positive energy and a higher general consciousness in humanity.

Phase 2: Ghost busting: sending these lost souls Home to the light. In 2008 Spirit called on people around the world to send these lost souls Home in large numbers with the help of an assigned master guide to help them. Our physical ghost busters do this work on a daily basis. It is good for ghosts to return home and good for our planet. Ghost energy is very low, resulting in holding our earth’s frequency to lower levels. Why do souls after death decide to stay in the third dimension instead of going Home (heaven)? Sometimes they get stuck here from a traumatic death. Usually, I am told that they fear being judged and sent to purgatory or hell for their sins in this lifetime. God/Spirit has told us there is no hell or purgatory. All souls are welcomed Home. There are no sins, just bad choices and life mistakes. Perhaps we in the physical world have created hell on earth. A fifth dimensional consciousness will change all of that. You might say that is not true. Religions teach us that there is hell and to fear hell. Fear is a great control method for group consciousness. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Phase 3: The divine feminine energies came in on February 14, 2014. These energies are directly transmitted to the earth’s surface by angels, ascended masters and the council of The Divine Feminine. A special group of Spirits to help and assist us to awaken in this time of shift. During the full moon cycle this energy is much stronger, and you may step outside at night, stand on the earth and feel it. We in the physical world, as is Spirit, are made up of a combination of female and male energy. Spirits are in full balance with these energies. But we in the physical are not.

One explanation is that many hundreds of years ago we became a patriarchal society, a culture that became a male dominated world. This created unhealthy belief systems of what male masculinity is and what the proper place is for women. This has not just created gender inequality but also a lot of dysfunctional relationships, families, aggression and competition among men.

For men experiencing this divine feminine energy, it is Spirit’s goal for men to grow on emotional levels. Most boys are taught to not show or express their feelings. The result is that the majority of adult men stuff down their feelings and refuse to talk about them. They were taught it was not masculine or too feminine to express themselves in this manner. When men close down their feelings to compassion and empathy to others, this creates an emotional void within them. A lot of men turn to expressing anger, denial, and verbal attacks. Needless to say, this is not the way to find solutions to the problem. So these divine feminine energies are here to reconnect men to their hearts and their feelings and to teach them how to express them from an open mind and heart.

For women, it is the energies of self-empowerment and self-respect. In this male dominated world going back hundreds of years, women have been property of their fathers and husbands. This is still happening in the Middle East. Women have been second-class citizens for far too long. The founding documents of the United States even left out women with the statement that all men are created equal. For years, women have been told it is a man’s world, and women are to be wives, mothers, and housekeepers and to obey their husband. This was the typical woman’s life in the Western world until the 1970s when new laws were passed to give women more equal opportunities. Throughout these hundreds of years, many women and men saw the world differently and liberated themselves from patriarchal dictates of what was/is acceptable to their gender roles. These energies of empowerment are giving women inner strength to stand up, speak up, to say “no more” to unacceptable behavior for them and their highest good. When we all consciously evolve to respecting each other and have gender equality, marriages and the family groups will not only be more equal but will generate more love to give each other, with kindness, compassion and empathy. And this too will ripple out to communities and the world. We are evolving to become the divine masculine and divine feminine men and women, to bring our male and female energies into balance and to create a 5D consciousness world here on earth.

Phase 4: Truth and Honesty. These energies came in during 2016. It is of great importance now, and we in the U.S. have been witnessing it in this past year with our president and his administration and lies can no longer be hidden. Speak the truth, and be honest with others and yourself. Recognize the truth from lies and deception. Truth is based on facts of what is and what is not. Speaking “your truth” may not be based on the facts; it may be just your opinion or belief system of something or of a person. Being honest with yourself is perhaps the most difficult one to do. We all create stories in our minds about ourselves and about others such as unworthiness, etc. Please stop covering up your feelings and your past emotional wounds. Get to the bottom of the cause. Recognizing them is your first step to inner healing. Admit when you have been wrong, not just with something you did or did not do, but within your belief system, judgment, and behavior. Perhaps then you will make an effort to change. Say you’re sorry and admit you were wrong when it is true you really were wrong.