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Rise up to a higher consciousness for the whole of humanity. Awaken, evolve, and expand to become your divine feminine and your divine masculine. Create a better life, a better world.

Monthly messages on the Home page are channeled by Ascended Masters. Our weekly blogs focus on different aspects of their messages to help in the shift of awareness to a higher consciousness.

Our Weekly Blog

Everything is Energy Part II

Tarri Otterlee

Let's go deeper and look at what Albert Einstein talked about “Everything is Energy” on the Home page. He is talking about quantum physics energy and Source energy, all naturally created within all living things. It is everywhere even though you cannot see it with the naked eye. Some people, like me, can feel it and recognize it as positive or negative energy. Being an energy therapist, I can recognize air leaks in your personal energy field, energy blocks in your energy system and much more. This Source energy is all around us and within our body. It can and does help heal your physical body and keeps you healthy when it is positive, strong and connected. This does not mean that the food you eat, natural supplements, lifestyle, your emotions and thoughts are less important for a healthy, happy life. No, they all work synergistically together to support your body, mind and spirit.

It is true, we do create our own reality through our thoughts, beliefs about ourselves and others and our emotional wounds that have not been healed. But also all the untrue belief systems we were taught as children and young adults create our reality by putting us in a box and status quo of who we are as adults and what is acceptable behavior in society. This old paradigm is called the patriarchy culture of society. I call it male dominated belief system, and for thousands of years this has created the reality of the general consciousness. This includes the old family structure of men being the boss and making the families’ decisions, gender inequality, world and corporate power through greed, aggression and wars. If you look at what has been created energetically from all this, it has lower energy frequency and created negative energy throughout our environment. A general consciousness of patriarchy no longer works for the greater good of all people, and the world’s societies.

All these negative beliefs and behaviors do affect our mental and physical health and our body’s energy system. We all have been created with both female and male energies. For men and women alike, these energies must be brought into balance to create a better life for yourself and others. This is a part of the Shift of Awakening for men and women to evolve to a higher consciousness

The anatomy of your energy body is as large as your blood system with arteries and veins. Western medicine recognizes when you get a blockage in your arteries and veins you have a health issue. Western medicine is aware of energy therapy and its benefits through research that was done in the 1970s on Healing Touch and through The Holistic Nursing Association but they still favor prescription drugs as the main modality for their patients. Energy therapy research has shown how it does work well with Western medicine and enhances medical protocols while speeding up the healing process for patients.

Your energy system consists of chakras (small to larger energy vortexes) and energy tracks, also called meridians. When you get blockages in your energy system it shuts down the energy that supports that organ or joint and becomes disconnected from the energy tracks that support other organs and joints, creating lower energy frequencies and perhaps more negative energy in your body. When your energy system is running strong with high frequency of positive Source energy your body can and will begin to heal. This is why we call it body, mind and spirit.