Great Shift of Awakening
Tarri Otterlee
Tarri Otterlee
Kris Rues-Clark
Kris Rued-Clark

We are Perfect Balance

Your Guides in this Great Shift of Awakening

This is a labor of love for us. It is our gift to you. We want to see the world uplifted. We want you to understand the urgency of action now and the importance of working on your own transformation in order to raise your consciousness and transform the Earth. Working with Spirit at this Great Shift of Awakening will help and assist in healing, for you and for the planet.

How Spirit communicates through the Medium, Tarri Otterlee

Trance Channel Tarri Otterlee, working with a team of Ascended Masters, including St. Germain, Albert Einstein, and many others whom you will meet through this website, brings to you the information that is so greatly needed now, at this point in the Earth’s awakening.

Through many years of intuitive development, coupled with energy therapy work and daily meditation, Tarri’s energy frequency has raised enough to allow Spirit to connect with her frequency. Spirit can communicate with her either indirectly (clairaudience), so that she can hear their messages, or directly as a medium for Spirit.

Tarri began indirect clairaudient channeling in 1993 and directly channeling St. Germain in 2005. St. Germain requested that she work with him and others from The Council of Light from Home (Heaven) to be a direct channel for him to speak through, in order to help and assist people in their personal life journey. Now other Ascended Masters also work with Tarri, both indirectly, through the writings that appear on this website, and directly for gatherings and private readings.

Centered in Sedona, Arizona, Tarri Otterlee has been an energy therapist since 2000 when she trained in Healing Touch with the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing in Eau Claire. Since then she incorporated Traditional Usui Reiki in her practice and believes that each modality is the missing link to the other. Tarri is a Master/Teacher and a Trance Channel, and she also conducts weekly prayer meetings that are guided by Spirit.

A Note from Tarri

Kris and I have worked together and have known each other for over 20 years. Together we have shared our personal spiritual journeys and have become friends and confidants over the years. St. Germain has brought us together to do this work for the Great Shift of Awakening website because of her expertise as a writer and editor. She is also a poet and a practicing energy therapist in central Wisconsin, offering Healing Touch and Traditional Usui Reiki. Kris Rued-Clark has worked as a freelance journalist and editor, helping hundreds of people share their stories with others. She is honored to help bring this information to you.

For the past 13 years Kris Rued-Clark has worked as a freelance writer and editor throughout Central Wisconsin.  During that time she also completed Master/Teacher training as an Energy Therapist, practicing a combination of Healing Touch and Traditional Usui Reiki.  Kris completed Level I training in 2005, Level II in 2007, and Level III in 2010. She trained with Tarri Otterlee in Sedona, Arizona, who received her Healing Touch training at the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing.  Tarri trained in Traditional Usui Reiki with Steven McFacdden, Santa Fe, NM, a practicing Master of 35+ years.

Kris has received additional training in Craniosacral Therapy, is a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Certified in AromaTouch Technique. She also offers classes and workshops in a variety of topics.