Great Shift of Awakening

Rise up to a higher consciousness for the whole of humanity. Awaken, evolve, and expand to become your divine feminine and your divine masculine. Create a better life, a better world.

— Centered in Sedona —

What Is the Shift?

What Is the Shift of Awakening?

St. Germain to Tarri Otterlee

Greetings to all of you here on earth having a lifetime of physical experiences. This planet you call Earth is one of the most beautiful in the universe. Your biological bodies are not just beautiful but OH so functional. All the animals of the land, air and water are not just beautiful but add to nature’s ecological sustainability. What a wonderful world you live in.

So why are you all destroying it and each other? This is not the intention of your souls or your higher consciousness. What happened to the saying “Create Heaven on Earth?” From our perspective it looks more like Hell on Earth. The only hell there is, is the one you create here in physical lifetimes. This has been going on for centuries with wars, struggles for power and control over land, resources and other countries and villages. All the violence, killing, greed for profit at the expense of life must come to an end. You all are killing your world and humanity on a physical and emotional level. In the end, if this behavior continues, humans will become extinct, and your home called Earth will be too toxic to sustain life.

That’s your past and you’re present. We from Spirit want you to create a New Future, a New World for all humanity. This will take courage, action and developing a higher consciousness through your hearts and minds. You must examine old belief systems that no longer work or are not sustainable.

Imagine a world without hate, war, mass killings, terrorism, racism, and gender inequality. Imagine a world of respect and cooperation, working for the greater good of all people and the earth. Imagine a world with more love than hate, less anger with more compassion. Imagine a world with less “I am right and you are wrong,” instead finding common ground, talking instead of yelling to find solutions to problems from relationships to government and political issues. Imagine a New Earth, a New World. Imagine your life in greater harmony, more respect, more caring for one another, more love in your life. This is the Shift of Awakening. This is your higher consciousness.

Can it happen? Yes, it can! One person at a time becomes groups of people, then nations of people, and then a world of people awakened to their higher consciousness and all working for the greater good of all people and the earth. Let me say there have always been men and women in all walks of society that worked for a better world and higher consciousness for all. You may remember some of them: Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, the Suffragists, Gloria Steinem, and so many other names who have never caught the media’s eye. Every person matters to make this Shift of Awakening happen! It begins with mothers raising their children, and fathers sharing in raising their children, changing from autocratic to nurturing. It is time for religions to drop the dogma of their belief systems that serve no purpose but to control their followers. There have been and still are beliefs passed down from one generation to the next that have caused more harm than good to children, women, people of nonwhite races. These false beliefs have created this world of separation with lower, undeveloped heart and consciousness.

You are all the children of God. You are all of equal value to each other and to the world.

This Shift of Awakening began in 2004 to bring the earth energies up to higher frequency to remove all the negative energies created by hate and violence. New vortexes in the earth have been created around the world to sustain the higher frequencies. People, animals and all living things have benefited from these new energies. Higher frequencies can and do bring old emotional wounds to the surface to be recognized and to help you to emotionally heal them to go forward in a rebirth of yourself. People who resist this process become more negative and angry, and they feel not in control of their lives as in the past. People who do not resist find a path to healing their emotional pain and find new self-worth, emotional freedom and a new perspective of living. There is truth to the saying, what you resist persists. Now is the time to release and let go of what no longer serves your greater good, whether it is old beliefs, bad behavior, ego, people and/or places.

We from Spirit ask you now to go within to change and grow to the divine souls you are when you are back with us at Home. We from Spirit are very involved in this Shift of Awakening on many levels to help and assist all the people and this place you call home, Earth. This website has been inspired and developed by us through our channel Tarri and other people in your physical world. This Shift of Awakening cannot happen without each and every one of you.

I, St. Germain, ask you to read again Albert Einstein’s “Everything is Energy” posted earlier to give you more information on the consciousness of energy and its creation in your life and the world. Accompanying my message this month you will also find information on the stages of the Shift since 2004 and its effects. Let me close by emphasizing this: humanity is now at a critical mass. You have an opportunity to stop the chaos and the old patriarchy beliefs and bad behavior now.

I thank you for this opportunity to help and assist all of you in this time of Shift. God bless all of you who are working to make this a better world for all people of all nations and the earth itself.

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Stages of the Shift of Awakening Since 2004

Tarri Otterlee

These phases are all intertwined and synergistically working together for each of us to evolve. Remember, this Shift of Awakening happens one person at a time. It starts as an inside job, then ripples out into the world like a stone thrown into a pond.

Phase 1: Raising the planet’s earth energy to a higher frequency. The purpose of this is to cleanse the earth of thousands of years of buildup of negative, unhealthy energies. Allowing frequencies to go up in this way helps people to live in a higher, clearer energy frequency whether they are aware of it or not. It started with the tsunami in 2004 caused by an earthquake in the ocean. We have had many earthquakes since then around the world. These earthquakes shift the plates in the earth with a great force of energy dispersed in the earth, raising the earth energy levels. They also have created new vortexes and ley lines throughout the world. Everything is energy. That includes hurricanes, flooding and forest fires. These are a cleansing for Mother Earth and are also more severe due to climate change. There are also lessons for all of us to learn from these disasters. Do our government officials and we as people reach out to help and assist the survivors in their great time of need? Our government didn’t so well in New Orleans after Katrina, and they are not doing a good job for Puerto Rico now. But there are so many good people and organizations that do and are reaching out to help in any way they can. So all is not lost when people reach out to each other in their time of need. This is positive energy and a higher general consciousness in humanity.

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